Let’s hear it for the healthy all-rounder

Mushrooms go pink in October has certainly got people talking – quite literally in fact, with the promotion featuring on a range of radio stations across Australia.

While you might not get to hear everything that is happening, why not take a moment and check out the look of the Fifi Box program on the 2DayFM website. After you have had a look, close down the site and see if you can fill in the blanks – Mushrooms are going _ _ _ _ in _ _ _ _ _ _ _

In Brisbane the competition on Campo’s Drive Time program had people listening in to find out which celebrity was singing for their supper. All courtesy of Mushrooms go pink in October.

It shows that radio is a great way of getting people to talk about the healthy all-rounder. As listeners to the Fifi Box show heard….

We can’t guarantee listening to the Fifi Box show will do anything to improve your health but eating three button mushrooms a day may dramatically increase your health and wellbeing.  Find out more at www.mushroomsgopink.com.au

What a great idea!

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