Winners are Grinners – Australia takes out the Mushrooms Masters

Well, we knew it really before we even started. Australian food bloggers love their mushrooms. Not only that, but people recognize great Australian mushroom recipes. And it’s not as though the US and Canadian recipes were not deliciously tasty meals. They were. It’s just that our Mushroom Masters meals were that little bit better.

Well done to our Australian team for taking out the inaugural Mushroom Masters and winning a total of three of the four weeks with some fantastically creative mushroom meals.  Take a bow and enjoy the applause from mushroom lovers across Australia as they sit down to enjoy some Mushroom Masters inspired meals.

Thanks also to the US and Canadian bloggers who took part and gave us a run for our money. A total of twelve great recipes over four weeks is a literal smorgasbord of mushroom delights and a credit to everyone involved. It’s one of the great things about mushrooms – you simply just can’t lose when it comes to a mushroom meal – all that taste and good health is a winner every time….

Now, just in case you have joined in late to this conversation why not take a minute to go back and revisit our Australian recipes.

Week 1 – Jules Clancy – Stone Soup  – Roast portabello mushroom & bread salad

Week 2 – Ellie Won – Kitchen WenchLasagne with slow roasted mushrooms and goat’s cheese

Week 3 – Christie Connelly – Fig & CherryShiitake Okonomiyaki (aka Japanese Pancake)

Week 4 – Peter Georgakopoulos – Souvlaki for the SoulMushroom Haloumi Burger

And if you have that urge to get out and grab some mushrooms, don’t forget that Mushrooms Go Pink in October. Want to know more about the celebration? Then head over to our website and see what the fuss is about.

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