Team Australia – the battle for mushroom supremacy continues

As you may be aware Australia is currently battling the United States and Canada for supremacy in the Mushroom Masters.

With Week 1 now finishing please prepare to pace yourself over the coming weeks as our next batch of bloggers takes to the contest. With Angela of Oh She Glows  (Canada) taking out the Portobello Playoff, we are now preparing ourselves for Week 2 and the Button Battle.

And just so you know who to support, our full Australian team for this competition is as follows:

Week 1 – Jules Clancy – Stone Soup  – Portobello Mushrooms
Week 2 – Ellie Won – Kitchen Wench – Button Mushrooms
Week 3 – Christie Connelly – Fig & Cherry – Shiitake Mushrooms
Week 4 – Peter Georgakopoulos – Souvlaki for the Soul – Wildcard
Help our team by:

  • Voting each week for the Australian entry
  • Talking about the event on your websites, blogs and Twitter and encouraging any mushroom lovers to get involved and vote.
  • Spreading the word on any of your newsletters that our Australian team is battling for the Mushroom Masters.
  • Above all, have fun – remember it is all about great tasting, healthy food, so don’t forget to grab those mushrooms, follow the recipe and get cooking. With the healthy all-rounder it is a win no matter which way you look at it.
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